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May 01 2014 Journies of Draenor
written by Kozgugore

Journies of Draenor


What started out as a distress call turned out to be so much more. A violent attack on Garadar left threads in an image of otherwise simple tranquility. Threads that the tribe picked away at. Their hunt on the Mag'har orcs who had been taken away led them across the wilds of Draenor, first to their hunt into the Blades Edge Mountains, where they dethroned the ogre Warlock king Garht'Nug, pursued him back to Nagrand and there stole from him an enchanted Eradar skull.

However, the ogre warlock proved to be an elusive foe and escaped the orcs once again, but within his stronghold, the Red Blades had found evidence of Arakkoa presence. Turning the orcs attention to Terokkar Forest where they bartered with an exiled Arakkoa prophet. Heeding his warnings of the Arakkoa having accepted the offer of aid from fel orcs to ressurect their god, the chieftain agreed to aid the Arakkoa in stopping the ritual and bringing down the High Priest who had allowed this foul alliance. The Prophet had a more sinister plan however and after the orcs had aided him in slaying the High Priest, the Prophet took over the ritual and used the Arakkoas' fel orc allies as sacrifices, bringing the dark avatars of his god into the world.

With the aid of the skyguard from Shattrath, the orcs managed to stop these rituals and the false prophet was exiled, where-after the orcs escaped the Arakkoa city of Skettis. Leading the fel orcs who had aided the Arakkoa had been green skinned orcs of curious attire and vile powers - Dark shaman. After searching the bodies of the dead, the orcs found clues that'd lead them from their original plan of attacking the fel orcs, to instead seek out the group of Dark Shaman who had taken to calling themselves 'The Dark Covenant'.

The orcs traveled into the foul lands of what was once the verdant Shadowmoon Valley, here, they investigated what clues they had to the Dark Shamans whereabouts, but it was not without trouble. The Alliance forces of Wild Tempest launched an ambush of the Red Blade tribe, having been mislead to believe the Red Blades had taken up Dark shamanism and launched several vile attacks on the alliance stronghold of Nethergarde.

Although the ambush failed, the Wild Tempest commander sought out the Chieftain with his demands, and threats of a greater force to come bearing down upon the Red Blades.
The Chieftain agreed to meet with this commander, and managed to convince the skeptical dwarf that he had been played for a fool by these Dark Shaman, although reluctantly, the dwarf offered to turn his soldiers upon the Dark Shaman instead.

It was not long after this cease-fire had been arranged, that Red Blade agents found out that the Dark Covenant had a siege planned on Shadowmoon Village, which the Red Blades hastily prepared for.
While the siege was short, it had been brutal. The Dark Shaman had pulled everything they had in their arsenal to throw at Shadowmoon Village, ogres, arakkoa, demons, fel orcs of the Dragonmaw clan and tainted elements - Yet with preparation, strategy, grit, blood and thunder - The Red Blades and the units of Kor'kron stationed in Shadowmoon Village managed to make their stand and route the enemies - Although to a shocking death toll and staggering destruction of the villages' defenses.

Although weary and wounded, the Red Blades began to plan a bloody retaliation upon the Dark Covenant- Striking at them in their now revealed hide-out, the Deathforge. The assault was swift and bloody, the Red Blades surging into the foul caverns where the necrolytes of the Dark Covenant had worked tirelessly on bolstering their defenses with the undead. Yet they all fell before the fury of the Red Blades, and the war against the Dark Covenant and their allies was put to an end at the scaffolds over-looking the Shadowforge, where their leaders head was severed from his body and put on display for all to see.

After that bloody night, the orcs packed their things and journeyed to Thrallmar, preparing for their journey back to Azeroth.

- Written by Rargnasha Bloodmark

written by Kozgugore

SISTAs are taking down the Patriarchy!


Thanks to the oppression of the patriarchy, the Horde has once again found itself in a valley of poverty and despair. Ever since the judgemental, cisgendered male orcs have usurped civilization since the rise of the Horde, nothing but loss and dishonour has followed in its wake. From Ner’zhul and Blackhand to Thrall and Garrosh: For too long has the female orc had to stand by in the shadows while the male heterosexual orc stood dominant over an ever-structuring society.

The Orcs of the Red Blade have always been at the forefront of equal orcish rights and a matriarchal society. As such, as of today, the movement now officially known as the Superiority of the Ideal Sex in Tenacious Ardour (or SISTA) has taken full control of every other structure in tribal society. This will include several dire changes in both daily as well as long-term life:

  • The rank of Matriarch will be reinstated as the tribe’s leader. Until a suitable female has been found, Rargnasha Bloodmark will henceforth be addressed with the proper feminine nouns;
  • Every rank is required to have at least one female orc in charge;
  • Any orcs currently in a relationship are required to have a written statement of the she-orc’s consent of said relationship. If any children have come forth from this bonding, it is now the male’s responsibility to tend to them (as per Kozgugore Feraleye’s example, who has scarcely been seen leaving his daycare hut) as the she-orcs tend to their daily responsibilities of hunting and killing any living beings at random and discovering the world in their sexual liberation;
  • Only she-orcs will be allowed communication with the spirits and elements. Between the Burning Legion and the more recent Dark Shaman, the males have clearly had their chance;
  • Every Friday night will henceforth be She-orc Night. All feminine needs will be tended to, including chocolate-topping ice cream and gigolo dances around the fire. For male dress codes, refer to Krogon Devilstep and Trakmar Bloodmaw’s bare chests.

Expect more changes to follow as the demolition and abortion of the patriarchal society continues. We of SISTA will continue to do so until this omnipresent overlord can no longer contribute to a harrowing loss of self-esteem to she-orcs who refuse to conform to a society’s restricting norms of femininity.

Let this day be a testament of the brave endeavours of so many strong and independent she-orcs, from the heydays of reigning Matriarchs like Grugna Longhand and Akesha Redblade to the fearless women of the fat acceptance movement of the present day like Rhonya Steelheart. Expect SISTA at a camp fire near your location soon!

written by Rargnasha

Victory in the Eastern Kingdoms!


During the tribe's exile from the Horde ruled by Garrosh Hellscream, the Alliance managed to wrest several areas in the northern parts of the Eastern Kingdoms from the Forsaken while the Horde was weakened! With Garrosh defeated, the Forsaken called for aid – and the Horde answered.

Together with their allies within the Horde, the Red Blades managed to push the Alliance warriors off the lands they had taken, and reclaim them for the Horde. The campaign culminated in the snow of Alterac Valley, where it became a red day, signed with alliance blood!

While the war has not been without its losses, the Horde has shown that when it stands united, even when weakened after Garrosh' betrayal, it is still a force to be reckoned with!

Now, Winter Veil is upon us and the tribe will be taking a few days to rest before setting out on its new journey. Word has it that there's a group of Dragonmaw no longer loyal to their Warlord Zaela or the traitor-war chief Garrosh, they are caught in the fire between Dragonmaw loyalists, Wildhammer dwarves and the dangers of the Twilight Highlands, and will face extinction if left to their own.

Dec 03 2013 Return to Azeroth
written by Rargnasha

Return to Azeroth

After spending nearly half a year leading the Northern Rebellion against Garrosh Hellscream, the tribe began its long travel across sea to the Dark Portal, from where they would go to Garadar, to take their well earned rest.

Despite the tribe being at ease, word of enemies moving in the shadows have begun to spread, but other matters requires the tribe attention back on Azeroth.

The Alliance have taken large amounts of land from the Horde, as the result of a strategic failure of a forsaken politician during the exile of the Red Blades from the Horde.

Now, the journey will soon go back to Azeroth, where the Red Blades will once again be upon the front lines of the battlefields.

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We all must sacrifice for the good of the Tribe
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After reading the Hellscream story. Which is awesome, I dunno i think i prefer like this version of how it all went down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIYsPXHNixo
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