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written by Sadok

A Song of Frost and Fire

Somewhere off the jagged, snowy shores of Frostfire Ridge, commandeered Iron Horde warships ran aground. From their grim decks came ragged refugees from the Battle of Tanaan — native Frostwolves, enslaved by the Iron Horde; and the remnants of the Azerothian Horde vanguard, including the proud Red Blade tribe.

Huddled for warmth around Frostwolf campfires in the remote Stonefang Outpost, the tribe would shift focus from war to survival. With the Spirit Link severed, few essential supplies and no riding mounts, the Red Blades soon discovered the frigid, foreboding land around them offered nothing — and so they had to take everything.

Raiding parties skirmished with Thunderlord hunting-bands to pilfer arms and supplies, while tribesorcs explored the vast frozen wastes to map out points of interest and identify hunting grounds. Though this strange alternate Draenor held many dangers, the Red Blade tribe were determined to adapt to this new land and prove themselves worthy to their Frostwolf allies.

Even so, the bleak tundra of Frostfire held its share of surprises. During a bid to forge a new covenant with the ancestral spirits of Draenor and thereby restore the Spirit Link, the tribe encountered remnants of the historical Clan Redblade — assimilated into the Old Horde on the Draenor they knew, yet still extant somewhere upon this new world. The tribe have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with their forebears, yet knowledge of the Clan’s homelands remain tantalisingly out of their grasp for now.

Where there is hope for the tribe’s future, there remains menace. The Thunderlord Clan took poorly to the tribe’s raid upon their Daggermaw Ravine holdings, and kidnapped three orcs of the tribe in a retaliation attack. The tribe have had to adapt to their vicious enemy in a bid to make these giant-hunters their prey, taking hostages of their own and planning bold assaults to strike at the heart of the Thunderlord and reclaim their captive brethren.

Dangers and opportunities abound upon Draenor, and into this uncertain future, the Red Blades march forth with a Chieftain new to some but familiar to many. Tormented by strange visions that pull him from his duties, Rargnasha Bloodmark has set aside the mantle of Chieftain, and Kozgugore Feraleye leads the tribe once more, as he has done for many years prior. No matter its Alpha, the tribe’s focus is the same — to find a foothold in this savage land and fight the Iron Horde. Will they adapt in this hour of reckoning, or will they perish in glorious battle?
written by Sadok

Beyond the Dark Portal

((Contains SPOILERS for the Tanaan introduction experience.))


The Red Blade tribe made war upon the Iron Horde within days of their emergence from the Dark Portal. Alongside their Horde allies, they proved instrumental in the attempt to hold back the seemingly unstoppable Iron Tide threatening to wash over Azeroth.

The tribe’s victories were both few and pyrrhic, and its defeats both humbling and costly. An initial foothold in Okril'lon Hold was quickly retaken by the relentless Ironmarch elite, leaving the tribe to lick its wounds while formulating a desperate all-or-nothing suicide mission. Only with the combined efforts of the Banners, the Ironbreaker Council and the ground-forces of both Horde and Alliance, was a route hewn through the Blasted Lands and through the Dark Portal.

Emerging upon the other side, Azeroth's heroes found a Draenor of old — an alternate Red World where the orc clans rallied under Warchief Grommash Hellscream’s industrial revolution, rather than drink Mannoroth's blood. Though beholden to no dark master, this Iron Horde had no ethics beyond total war and conquest — amongst them marauders, sadists, slavers and soul-twisters.

With so much bloodshed and anarchy surrounding the various unaffiliated Horde and Alliance armies, it was little surprise that the Battle of Tanaan soon descended into complete chaos. Friends and family were separated, fearsome foes struck at every turn, and soon the battlefield itself was engulfed in horrific explosions, thick ash and crumbling rubble.

As the innumerable forces of Hellscream closed in on all sides, incensed by the destruction of their passage to Azeroth, the Archmage Khadgar sounded a retreat. Those who could fled upon commandeered Iron Horde battle-ships — the remnants of the Horde’s forces escaped upon the seas to the ancient Frostwolf lands of Frostfire Ridge.

As the wounded and exhausted refugees of Azeroth made use of the Frostwolves’ hospitality, some turned their mind to the vast, savage world about them — utterly alien and yet somehow familiar. Others waited anxiously through for comrades and loved ones to be recovered, keeping a solemn vigil for the missing and the fallen.

The battle was won, but the war is just beginning. Marooned far from Azeroth, in the ancestral lands of the old Clan Redblade, will the Red Blade tribe survive on the savage world beyond the Dark Portal?

((OOC explanation: Orcs of the Red Blade are taking a short break from storyline role-play to enjoy the new content of Warlords of Draenor. We have been split up in the chaos of the Battle of Tanaan — those who have finished may slowly regroup at a pre-determined refugee camp for casual role-play. By the end of the month, we will resume scheduled events as we gear up for our introductory Draenor plot. Any questions or concerns should be directed to an appropriate officer.))
written by Sadok

It All Begins... Again


Frost forged, fire made
Blood marked, red blade
Oath broke, oath sworn
It screams, reborn.

The hunter's moon
The war-drums' tune
Eight horns, ten chimes
Wrong place, wrong time.

Cast iron, red gates
It burns, it hates
It ends and then
Begins again.

The Red Blade tribe have searched high and low since news of Garrosh’s escape from his trail in Pandaria. For some, it was their sworn duty to bring the Horde’s traitor-Warchief to justice. For others, who had suffered directly at the Kor’kron’s hands or seen loved ones perished, it had become personal.

And yet there were precious few clues to where Hellscream might be hiding. Along with other Horde organisations like the Flying Bolts, Ashal Anore and Path of Dawnchaser, the Red Blades would scour both Tanaris, Twilight Highlands and the Burning Steppes in search of those still loyal to Hellscream.

Goblin mobsters, degenerate dragonkin, savage Dragonmaw and brutish Blackrock were all put to the blade -- and yet as each potential avenue of inquiry dried, it began increasingly clear that Hellscream would not be found. The tribe were on a wild kodo chase, chasing whispers. And even the whispers had ceased.

Then, from silence came war.

In the early hours of a quiet Wednesday morning, the Dark Portal’s interdimensional gateway shifted from pale green to a deep, bloody red without warning. Innumerable brown-skinned orcs, like the revered Mag’har of Outland, would pour forth in a ruthless marauding vanguard -- this Ironmarch quickly laid waste to both Dreadmaul Hold and Nethergarde Keep, caring little for the age-old rivalry of Horde versus Alliance.

This Iron Horde had come to conquer. And it would conquer all in its path.

As the Blasted Lands was fortified by its conquerors as a foothold for the invasion of Azeroth itself, one small group of the Ironmarch splintered-off to rush north. Acting on the command of Warlord Zaela herself, this forlorn hope rode through the sleepy Swamp of Sorrows and right past the tribe’s encampment at Chiselgrip -- they had reinforced the Blackrock’s holdings within Blackrock Mountain before most of the tribe had even awoken!

Who knows what ill intent and dark schemes this elite branch of the Ironmarch is planning within the heights of the Blackrock Spire? One thing is yet certain -- the Red Blade tribe have found themselves on the front-line of the first battle of a new, bloody war. Will they be able to budge the Iron Horde from their mountain-fortress, and can they aid the Horde and Alliance alike in repelling this most savage of invasions?

Orcs of the Red Blade, where will you be when it all begins... again?

May 01 2014 Journies of Draenor
written by Kozgugore

Journies of Draenor


What started out as a distress call turned out to be so much more. A violent attack on Garadar left threads in an image of otherwise simple tranquility. Threads that the tribe picked away at. Their hunt on the Mag'har orcs who had been taken away led them across the wilds of Draenor, first to their hunt into the Blades Edge Mountains, where they dethroned the ogre Warlock king Garht'Nug, pursued him back to Nagrand and there stole from him an enchanted Eradar skull.

However, the ogre warlock proved to be an elusive foe and escaped the orcs once again, but within his stronghold, the Red Blades had found evidence of Arakkoa presence. Turning the orcs attention to Terokkar Forest where they bartered with an exiled Arakkoa prophet. Heeding his warnings of the Arakkoa having accepted the offer of aid from fel orcs to ressurect their god, the chieftain agreed to aid the Arakkoa in stopping the ritual and bringing down the High Priest who had allowed this foul alliance. The Prophet had a more sinister plan however and after the orcs had aided him in slaying the High Priest, the Prophet took over the ritual and used the Arakkoas' fel orc allies as sacrifices, bringing the dark avatars of his god into the world.

With the aid of the skyguard from Shattrath, the orcs managed to stop these rituals and the false prophet was exiled, where-after the orcs escaped the Arakkoa city of Skettis. Leading the fel orcs who had aided the Arakkoa had been green skinned orcs of curious attire and vile powers - Dark shaman. After searching the bodies of the dead, the orcs found clues that'd lead them from their original plan of attacking the fel orcs, to instead seek out the group of Dark Shaman who had taken to calling themselves 'The Dark Covenant'.

The orcs traveled into the foul lands of what was once the verdant Shadowmoon Valley, here, they investigated what clues they had to the Dark Shamans whereabouts, but it was not without trouble. The Alliance forces of Wild Tempest launched an ambush of the Red Blade tribe, having been mislead to believe the Red Blades had taken up Dark shamanism and launched several vile attacks on the alliance stronghold of Nethergarde.

Although the ambush failed, the Wild Tempest commander sought out the Chieftain with his demands, and threats of a greater force to come bearing down upon the Red Blades.
The Chieftain agreed to meet with this commander, and managed to convince the skeptical dwarf that he had been played for a fool by these Dark Shaman, although reluctantly, the dwarf offered to turn his soldiers upon the Dark Shaman instead.

It was not long after this cease-fire had been arranged, that Red Blade agents found out that the Dark Covenant had a siege planned on Shadowmoon Village, which the Red Blades hastily prepared for.
While the siege was short, it had been brutal. The Dark Shaman had pulled everything they had in their arsenal to throw at Shadowmoon Village, ogres, arakkoa, demons, fel orcs of the Dragonmaw clan and tainted elements - Yet with preparation, strategy, grit, blood and thunder - The Red Blades and the units of Kor'kron stationed in Shadowmoon Village managed to make their stand and route the enemies - Although to a shocking death toll and staggering destruction of the villages' defenses.

Although weary and wounded, the Red Blades began to plan a bloody retaliation upon the Dark Covenant- Striking at them in their now revealed hide-out, the Deathforge. The assault was swift and bloody, the Red Blades surging into the foul caverns where the necrolytes of the Dark Covenant had worked tirelessly on bolstering their defenses with the undead. Yet they all fell before the fury of the Red Blades, and the war against the Dark Covenant and their allies was put to an end at the scaffolds over-looking the Shadowforge, where their leaders head was severed from his body and put on display for all to see.

After that bloody night, the orcs packed their things and journeyed to Thrallmar, preparing for their journey back to Azeroth.

- Written by Rargnasha Bloodmark

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