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Author Topic: Red Blade Ranks  (Read 22391 times)
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« on: October 01, 2008, 12:03:51 AM »

 ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Guild Rules  ¤  FAQs  ¤  

With big thanks to Morgeth for writing them down, there's now a series of stories up to serve as an introduction to the higher ranks. Make sure to check them out in the Ranks: A history of blades thread!

New Blood
Requisite: Be accepted by at least one officer in an IC interview after having been accepted and approved of on the forums.
Responsibility: New Blood are the unproven fresh meat of the tribe. They will not be allowed to wear their tabards and upon being accepted, they will be given a tutor to show them the ways of the tribe and orcish culture. After a trial period in which the orc must gather three Marks of the Red Blade (awarded by tutors or by tribe Elders), the New Blood will be reviewed and, if deemed worthy by both the officers and his tutor, be given the chance to perform the Oath of Blood.

Requisite: Undergo the New Blood trials and perform the Oath of Blood.
Responsibility: Oathbound are very much like the common villagers of a town. They're the accepted members of the community, but they haven't shown any of their true worth yet, and are yet to develop themselves in the ranks of the tribe. Don't let that fool you, however. Each of these orcs have proven themselves worthy of full membership of the tribe, having been accepted as a brother or sister within the pack. At this point onwards, orcs will be encouraged to start wearing wolf heads, the symbol of the tribe, and will be allowed to wear the tribe’s tabard.

From here on out, orcs may choose to take their rank for granted or, like any true orc would, continue their quest for knowledge and strength by going down any of the following paths - the Path of Wisdom, including the dutiful Gosh'kar, the tribe's disciplined junior mystics, and the wizened Thur'ruk, its spiritually-attuned Oracles; the Path of Strength, composed of the powerful Nag'Ogar, the tribe's battle-hardened Iron Guard, and the formidable Rrosh-tul, its fearless warleaders; and the Path of Cunning, encompassing the unorthodox Gul'thauk, the tribe's insidious Dark Knife, and the sinister Varog'Gor, its mysterious Wolf-Claws.

Requisite: Having become Oathbound of the tribe, accepted training from a Thur'ruk and having completed a Vision Quest.
Responsibility: Although the Gosh'kar are inevitably expected to thread the path of Thur'ruk and as a result train for it under the guidance of one, they certainly have their own responsibilities as well. The Gosh'kar often aid the Thur'ruk on spiritual undertakings, rituals and journeys, though they are often looked towards when in need of healing or general knowledge of spirituality and mysticism. In the absence of a Thur'ruk, they may even be given the honour of leading a ritual on behalf of the tribe.

Requisite: Having become Oathbound of the tribe, accepted training from a Rrosh-tul and having organised and led a hunt with at least three fellow orcs to hunt down a worthwhile foe, and report back to the Chieftain with at least two of said orcs to confirm the report of the hunt.
Responsibility: The Nag'Ogar form the backbone of the tribe. They are considered to be the proven warriors and no doubt will always be the first to charge straight into battle and show the right example to fellow orcs of what a true, fighting orc looks like.

Requisite: After taking the Oath of Blood, accept training from the Varog’Gor, and be sworn into the Gul’thauk.
Responsibility: The Gul’thauk come from the fringe of orcish society. A closely-knit band of sneaks, sorcerors and death knights, these former outcasts have proven their worth and loyalty. They now ply their unusual trades in service of the tribe, gathering knowledge, brewing potions and performing magical rituals. Yet wary of the dark arts they wield, this strange breed is watched closely by Varog’Gor, to whom they directly answer to.

Requisite: Accepted training from another Thur'ruk or the Chieftain and, once approved, perform the Rite of Vision.
Responsibility: The Thur'ruk are the long-lost sages and elder of the tribe. Once a small circle of some of the most respected orcs in Clan Redblade, the Thur'ruk served as advisers to the Chieftain and performed most of the rituals required in order to preserve the balance between the tribe and the spirits. The circle of the Thur'ruk is clouded with a mysterious façade, as only its own members and the Varog'Gor know of the rituals that bind the Thur'ruk so closely together.

Requisite: Having served the tribe for a proper deal of time as a Nag'Ogar, and shown both exceptional strength and honour in the field and within the tribe.
Responsibility: The Rrosh-tul are like the centurions of the Horde. They may have the privilege to take the Nag'Ogar under their own command at their own leisure to form small war bands and, for example, go out on a hunt, raid, train orcs or carry out the Chieftain's main orders in the field of battle.

Requisite: Having made it to either the rank of Oathbound or any of the Senior or Elder ranks, and completing all of the tasks given to them by the Chieftain himself, as well as having become trusted enough to be able to stand next to the Chieftain. Any orc of any rank may be drafted into the ranks of the Varog'Gor, nullifying any other training over the importance of that of the Varog'Gor.
Responsibility: The Varog'Gor share the same kind of secrecy the Thur'ruk do when it comes to their inner tasks. For the outside world, however, the Varog'Gor's tasks mostly revolve around being the Chieftain's personal bodyguards and the tribe's most respected and exemplary warriors. In the Chieftain's absence, they often take it upon themselves to lead the tribe, and practically offer themselves to devote their life to the well-being of the tribe, as they have always done.

Should an Elder choose to step back from their responsibilities, they will be awarded the honorific of True Blood. Though this rank has no formal duties, these long-tenured veterans are accorded the same level of respect that any other Elder deserves.

High Blade
Requisite: Having made it to either the rank of Rrosh-tul, Thur'ruk or Varog’Gor, having shown a lifetime of service to the tribe, as well as having proven oneself to being able to lead their fellow orcs in rank.
Responsibility: The High Blades, although their existence is uncommon enough as it is, serve as the second-in-command. These orcs have constantly devoted their lives to the tribe by organizing events, showing responsibility and showing the ability to take over leadership whenever their Chieftain required them to.

Requisite: Only those born a grumpy, little orcling and seen gnawing iron at the age of six can even show the slightest of promise to become a Chieftain.
Responsibility: The Chieftain is, as the name may imply, the orc who is ultimately responsible for the entity of the tribe.
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« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2008, 11:16:54 AM »

This tutor/trainee system serves to encourage orcs to create random RP and take some responsibility into their own hands, as well as simply forming bonds with each other throughout the course of time.

Orcs may only start becoming tutors to other orcs after they have made it to the rank of Oathbound or above. Tutors may have only three trainees under their wing at a time and should be expected to make some spare time for their trainees at least once or so a week.

During this time, they are expected to show the trainee what it takes to be an orc of the Red Blade. Whether this is through conversation, action or both will be up to the tutor himself to decide. If the tutor is not able to be active in-game as much as he is required to, it is advised to decide along with the trainee when the best time would be to meet each other in advance. Remember that both random RP and pre-planned events are the key words here!

The only official requirement is that the tutor gives the trainee at least one task in the trainee's time of service and is there to approve whether or not the trainee is ready for his final test or ritual (if the tutor cannot be there at the exact same time, he will have to let an officer know in advance).

On a final note, if your trainee has been inactive for at least a month, please let an officer in charge know and you will be given clearance to accept a new orc as your trainee (should you have reached the limit of three orcs total). The same counts for the inactive tutor, however. Should you expect to be inactive for a certain time, try to let us, and especially your trainee know!

The trainee's task is to listen and heed to everything his tutor says. And treat him with the respect he demands! Without the approval of a tutor in the end, you will not make any progress whatsoever. Remember that the tutor will be your source of knowledge as you develop your reputation, increase your lore on the tribe, get to know other orcs and, of course, have fun!

An important thing for the trainee to monitor, however, is the activity of both the trainee and the tutor. If you are a trainee and expect to be inactive for a select amount of time, please make sure you let your tutor know in advance. Know that you will be removed from his responsibility, should you be inactive for more than a month. New Blood may be kicked due to inactivity if they have not logged on for more than four months, unless they have given a valid reason in advance.

The same thing should be mentioned for inactive tutors, however. If you find yourself without an active tutor for at least two week, make sure you report so at an officer so it can be solved!

Our aim here is to create more random RP and more friendships within the tribe with this new approach, as well as let each of the orcs have a taste of a proper chain of command. Don't forgot, however, no matter how much your orc may be scolded or pushed to the limit by your tutor, it's all about having fun and RPing!
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« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2012, 10:37:42 PM »

Marks of the Red Blade - Cutting Your Teeth in the Tribe

How does this new system work?

- Marks of the Red Blade are awarded to New Bloods by tribe elders and the New Blood's appointed tutor.
- A New Blood must amass three marks and present them to the Chieftain with their intent to take the Oath - if the Chieftain accepts this, the Oath will be taken at the next Tribe Meeting or other significant occasion.
- The Marks can be thrown into the fire as part of the Oath of Blood, or retained as trophies, to be put to one's own use.
- The traditional tutor system will remain in place, though with the exception of not being able to give any of the simpler tasks (find out what each rank means, what does the tribe mean to every orc, etc.) as these will be handled at New Blood Trainings. Tutors can still function as guides for any questions the New Blood may have and simply a beacon where one might find help on certain matters.

Earning your Marks
- They are awarded to those that complete a tribe-wide New Blood training event (like war training), that would ideally be held at least twice a month, if not weekly. They can be hosted by any orc above New Blood rank.
- New Blood training could emphasise key skills like hunting together, crafting essential supplies, and learning tribe ranks and history.
- Can also be awarded for a New Blood’s significant contributions in the process of an event or other RP - for example, performing well in a battle/skirmish, fulfilling a given duty, assisting an elder in some task, or otherwise aiding or serving the tribe in an above-average capacity.

Nature of the Marks
- The Marks are specific animal bones that have the tribe's insignia carved into them in a specific manner. If they are to be falsely reproduced, it's possible that they may be recognized.
- In the event of fraud or cheating the amount of Marks earned, immediate demotion or even exile will follow.

While this system would replace the New Blood tutor system, the tutor system would continue for ranks above Oathbound. Applying a badge system to higher ranks would be problematic, as such require more specific tutelage, and could become a currency grind if a larger number of badges was needed.

Thanks to Sadok for helping along with the list!
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