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Author Topic: Guild Rules  (Read 27428 times)
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« on: December 09, 2007, 01:22:27 PM »

 ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  FAQs  ¤  

1. Argent Dawn is an RP realm and Orcs of the Red Blade is an RP guild.
You will be expected to do your best to Roleplay your character. This includes every aspect of the game. If you wish to duel for example, then roleplay the situation and ask for a duel in character. Treat every interaction with another player as a roleplaying opportunity.

Say, Yell and Guild are all In Character channels. You are expected to remain IC at all times and treat them as what your character says out loud. Please try to avoid abbreviations in these channels. Your character would not say he was going to WSG, they would say they were going to Warsong Gulch. Using abbreviations is lazy and spoils immersion for other players.

Party and Raid channels may be In Character or Out of Character as agreed by the members of the party or raid. If any member of a party, wishes the party channel to be IC, then please respect that decision.

Orcs of the Red Blade operate an Out of Character channel, which may be used to discuss any aspect of the game. If you join the guild, you will be told the name of this channel and how to join it.

2. Treat all players - including the enemy - with respect and tact.
Any form of disrespect or harassment of other players is not acceptable. This includes taunting of other players, making malicious or derogatory remarks and misuse of public chat channels. Do not publicly make negative or insulting remarks about other guilds. Do not engage in arguments with other players. Remember at all times that the way you behave towards other players, effects the reputation of the guild.

When posting on official Blizzard forums, please remember that your post carries not only your character's name, but the name of this guild. Do not make any post which reflects badly on Orcs of the Red Blade. Any member who makes posts which are insulting to other guilds or players, may be asked to edit or remove it.
Under no circumstances should any member (other than an officer of the guild) make a forum post which could be interpreted as an official statement from the guild.

3. Play an active part in the guild.
All members are expected to play an active part in the guild. If you are online when a whole guild event is taking place, you will generally be expected to take part in that event in a positive way. Players who choose not to take part in events, will not be promoted within the guild.

There is no restriction on how often we expect you to play, however we reserved the right to remove characters who are inactive for a period of six months or more from the guild if necessary. If you know you are going to be absent for an extended period of time, but intend to return, then please let us know. It would be useful to include an estimated date of return also.

4. Roleplay your rank and behave appropriately towards other ranks.
Remember that your character fits into a social hierarchy. In character, you should behave in an appropriate way towards orcs who are of either higher or lower rank than you. Take time to decide how your orc views members of the other ranks.

If you are talking to a lower ranked orc, you may be respectful or scornful, friendly or indifferent. You might even be threatening or insulting towards them depending upon the personality of your orc. When talking to higher ranks, your orc might be respectful, serious, fawning. You might be out to impress or you might have a 'you don't scare me' attitude. Whatever your orc thinks of the leaders of the tribe, they should treat them as just another orc.

Another thing to note is that the New Blood rank is not allowed to wear the guild tabard due to IC reasons. Once you have passed your tests and achieved the Oathbound rank, however, you will be given your own tabard. We know there are a lot of potentially good-looking tabards out there, but as a fully inducted member of the Orcs of the Red Blade, you will be encouraged to always wear our tabard with pride. Just admit you love the look of it!

5. Player killing.
We accept that killing members of the Alliance is part of the game, even if they have a lower level. It is however not allowed to Corpse-Camp them (unless they're griefers themselves), kill them repeatedly and intentionally grief the person behind the other character. Remember that, as a true orc, you are expected to act with honour in these situations. When in a battleground "leeching" honour is forbidden.

6.Terms of Use, Cheating and Hacks.
It should go without saying, but all members are expected to abide by the official terms of use - no sharing accounts, no selling gold, no selling accounts, no using third-party software to manipulate the game or bot your character. This also means you must be in full compliance with the policies that go for an RP-PvP realm.

7.Have fun!
Yes that's right, its a rule, you have to follow it, no discussion possible, having fun is mandatory. After all this is a game, and having fun is the most important thing there is. So as long as you, and the people around you, are having fun, all is good!
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