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Into the Past

Posted by Rhonya

Thur'ruk Sadok Sharptongue takes some orcs on a spiritual dream journey to times long past in a ritual, vivid storytelling! Nagrand. ((September 2014))
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Author Topic: How to apply  (Read 38321 times)
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« on: December 09, 2007, 03:34:38 PM »

 ¤  Orcish Lore  ¤  Red Blade Ranks  ¤  Red Blade History  ¤  Orcish Timeline  ¤  Guild Rules  ¤  FAQs  ¤  

If you wish to join Orcs of the Red Blade then please post an application in this forum. Although you're free to contact any of our officers to request an IC interview in-game without having posted an application here, this is the preferred method so we can see who we are dealing with and can better judge what kind of RP would suit you within our guild. Before posting, please make sure that you have taken the time to read the rules of our guild, and are willing to follow them. Above, you can find several useful links that can help you get you on your way in the world of orcs, as well as the society of the Red Blades.

When making your post please supply us with the following information;


Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:

And finally, please write a short story and/or IC introduction about your character:

Some tips for this; Who is your character, what does he/she want, what has he/she done, ect.

Not a requirement, but nevertheless an important part of your application, is that you know at least some part of the orcish lore in the Warcraft universe. You don't need to know everything, but make sure that what you write, fits in with the history of the world. For example, Orgrimmar has only existed for a few years, so being born there is impossible (unless your character is really young).

Once you have posted here, and one of the officers has read and approved your application, you will be asked to contact an officer in-game for an interview. Applications of applicants that failed to contact an officer for an interview three months after the initial approval will be closed. Should you wish to join us after this lock at some point, you are free to open a new application and try again.
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I respond to Drevan and Azuril too.
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That WAS considered content, I mean. xD I am le tried.
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Well 6.1 was considered a content patch apparently, and it added tons of stuff that wasn't considered content. Tongue And I dunno, all I am saying is that they never said it was the last raid, they never said it was the last content patch.
July 04, 2015, 01:00:51 AM
Vezara, when was the last time Blizzard made a content patch for WoW that wasn't a raid patch?
If we aren't counting pre-expansion patches I think we need to go back to Wrath and ICC build-up. (Might be wrong even there).
July 04, 2015, 12:59:04 AM
Perhaps blizzard will focus on PvP for a patch.. would be the first pvp focus this entire expansion. One can dream
July 03, 2015, 11:00:27 PM
Touche Therak xD and you think that means there will be more content Vez?
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