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written by Kozgugore

Member Spotlight: Kogra

This month in the member spotlight, we have Kogra Windwatcher! As Alpha of the Gosh'kar, she's slowly been working her way up in the ranks and might soon even find herself in the venerable position of the tribe's Thur'ruk! As a result, we have three orcs in a row belonging to the Path of Wisdom that are being featured in the Member Spotlight. Perhaps the path is on to something, with its consistently active and reliable members? Read on, however, and you'll find that Kogra has plenty of different experiences from both Rhonya and Srelok as both a person as well as an orc!

To start off, what can you tell us about your first encounter with the guild? Any particular first memories that you can recall?

My first encounter with the guild I cannot truly recall. This must've been somewhere during Cataclysm but that was only on an OOC basis due to the ganking going on and there was this pact going on between the guilds to help each other out.

My first RP experience with people from the guild, however, would be me having to RP a sibling of Grogona due to her venturing to Nagrand for some journey. The true intent of that journey I cannot recall. All I remember was that it was some extremely amusing RP involving several members of the guild that were asked to act according to a script that was written down. I do not know whether it was the fact that we were also on Skype at the time, or the fact that everything was planned already, but the whole session spiraled out of control with us laughing about it on Skype.

Several years later some of the guild members decided to venture to the Netherlands and attend Castlefest. With me knowing Rhonya already, she dragged me into you crazy lot and forced me to socialize, the terror! But all jokes aside, I got to meet several people on that joyous occasion and they piqued my interest to join ORB and so I did.

Sounds like we partially have Rhonya and Grogona to thank for your present-day activity then! Are there any other particular members that you feel contributed to you staying for as long as you have so far? Any other particularly memorable plot-lines or campaigns, perhaps?

I think that Rhonya and Grogona, and the people that I met on Castlefest which reveals another big name for the guild namely Sadok, are the people to blame that you have to suffer from my presence initially. But if it were not for the community itself that is the guild, I would have been long gone. I don't think that there are certain people that have me stay in the guild but the entirety of the guild instead.

As for memorable moments or plot-lines, I think that the one that has made the most impact on me would be the assault on the Dark Portal. I think that it was a glorious time RP-wise due to the sacrifice that the tribe was about to make for the greater good. Of course they did not perish during their suicidal assault, which kind of contradicts the purpose, but I still think that this has been one of the more memorable moments within the tribe.

A close second would be the plot that we had together with the Hand of Agony in the Southern Barrens with the dreaded Razorfen Downs Syndrome. A lovely campaign with a lot of foreshadowing and the cooperation between orcs and their forsaken allies.

Speaking of campaigns, it's no secret that you've recently begun to take more of a pro-active role within the guild in organising a few events here and there and helping the officer team. How do you see your character fit into all this? What is it that moulded Kogra from the orc that she was since the day she joined the tribe, and in what ways?

Character progression is what makes RP fun and since the first day I've RPed Kogra, she has gone through a lot of progression. When first she joined she was very timid and unsure of what she could do herself. This changed once she started to get to know more of the tribe's people. The insecurity that she had diminished over time as she found that more people started to believe in her abilities. And now she is the Alpha of the Gosh'kar.

At this moment she realises that many of her superiors have stepped down and gone missing and has to step up. Especially since she is basically the right hand of Srelok at this moment. She tries to live up to that position by taking the lead in some of the tribal matters, but is not always as confident as she should be.

On the topic of character progression, do you have any advice for any fellow roleplayers?

Never make too many plans about your character. I personally find it more entertaining to see how certain things develop themselves. I also think that you have a more natural flow of development then.

Often enough I also find that things that happen in RP are applicable in real life. So I suppose that you should also take lessons from the things that you encounter in the digital world and put those to good use in the other world (not Azeroth, nor Draenor). It is how I started to combat my social anxiety and look where I am now. In a way, I think all characters are a reflection of the person behind them in some way or the other. Kogra is no different. There are quite a few similarities, albeit some are a slight exaggeration from mine such as the selflessness, patience, and secrets that have yet to be revealed.

Secrets? So Kogra's story is still unfinished in your mind, then?

I personally believe that the story is finished once the final page has been written. This page could contain the epilogue of the adventure, the death of a character, or sometimes even what he or she brings from beyond the veil of death. Kogra's story is not over, nor do I think that it will come soon but I could be mistaken in that.

With Legion coming up, we will just have to see, no? With hell breaking loose (again) and a demon invasion upon us (again), who knows what we may find? With a new area to explore I am sure that we will find enough things to do and new plots to discover, be these guild wide or personal.

written by Kozgugore

Trailer Throwback Tuesday

While our newest trailer is only one year old, did you know our second-newest trailer is already six years old as of this year? There was a five-year gap between the two, but apart from the new character models and environments, one might not necessarily be able to tell! While there are certainly improvements in the newest trailer in terms of camerawork, sound and editing, this previous trailer can still be considered a fair representation of the present-day guild.

May 30 2016 Recruitment is open!
written by Kozgugore

Recruitment is open!

As part of some of our ongoing changes, applicants to the guild no longer have to undergo a lengthy application process by filling in an application form on our forums and awaiting approval. Instead, anyone interested in joining up with us is invited - and encouraged - to simply seek out any of our officers or contacts in-game at whatever time they please and set up an IC meeting. Of course, be wary of our current in-game location so that you can plan your in-game voyage accordingly. Other than that however, we hope to see you seeking us out in-game soon, be it for a regular visit or for a more permanent stay!

For the Blood of the Tribe!

written by Kozgugore

Member Spotlight: Srelok

Previously, we had Rhonya shining in the Member Spotlight due to her long-standing service to the guild. The obvious next choice after her? Her IC cousin and real-life partner, Srelok Grimtide of course! While not a member for quite as long as Rhonya is, Srelok has nonetheless proven to be just as much an integral part of the guild's structure with his involvement not only as a present-day Thur'ruk and officer, but also as an individual within the community itself. So today, we get to have a look behind the scenes of one of the tribe's more dramatic and yet empathic characters!

So the first question to kick things off with, what's the earliest memory you have of the tribe? How do you remember it, looking back at your first encounter?

Pffffff...  That's a while ago. When I first started out RPing on my Forsaken, it was an RP-PvP campaign in the Southern Barrens. I was intimidated by you guys. Krogon in particular. He stuck out, and Rargnasha. But mostly just the level of RP too. I mean, I was completely fresh on the scene and all, and these huge orcs come barrelling in and all. Otherwise, it was a fun campaign, especially with random Deathwing flybys still. One wiped out almost the entire Cult of Shadow. Was hilarious!
I met you lot a while later again, and when Rhonya joined you, I took my time but eventually followed her. And the rest is history.

Some fond memories in there by the sound of it! Are there any other campaigns or memories that particularly stick out to you, in that regard? And with all that experience you have at hand, is there anything about the guild that you might change?

Well, I had a blast in the Cult while it lasted, but I think my fondest memories are more recent. The Draenor campaign, the survival plot and all really appealed to me, especially with some of the crazier stuff (like blowing up a volcano...) and the general feeling of wonder and exploration. Krogon dying in Sre's arms is also a memory that stuck, and even now colours Srelok's behaviour. To be fair, despite a few times where I needed a break from the Red Blades, I still enjoy myself more than anywhere. The whole atmosphere is what keeps me coming back. That certainly makes the guild, as everyone is each other's friend. But what truly makes the guild great is the friendly attitude and relaxed atmosphere.
The big pit we need to watch out for is reachability for others though, seeing as we're always gallivanting around the world. As you know, we're in a bit of a rut. The one thing we need isn't really in our control: Content. Luckily, with Legion coming, that should be fixed. If I could change one thing though. Pffft... Perhaps have the application system altered (but we'll talk about that). About that pit though, spending some time around RP hubs is usually enough to keep the attention.

With Legion in mind, is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to, be it RP or otherwise? How do you see the tribe's role in it, for example?

Well, in regards to gameplay I'm most looking forward to the scaling mobs, making levelling quite interesting I think. RP-wise, I'd like to see some more survival stuff as this expansion has some serious potential storyline wise (which I won't spoil for those who want to know nothing).

What about your character in all of this? Is there something you can tell us about the progression that your character has undergone during his time in the guild, and what you might expect for him in Legion? How did they come to pass?

Well, Sre began as a timid, secretive orc with a haunted past. Over time he's come into his own, growing into the Thur'ruk of today. The haunts have increased though, and after Tanaan you can safely assume he has PTSD. He's working on that side and deepening his bond with the elements and trying to build up relationships within the tribe, and I expect that to continue in Legion. He’s shifting away from fighting too, with his recent mutilation. He’s now trying to find the best way to continue serving.
A lot of these things are a spur of the moment, apart from him losing his foot. And the time he was captured in Tanaan was because I needed a break. Otherwise, I like to look at the situation. If it fits, why not.

Are there any other things that shaped your character over time? Any inspirations for your character perhaps, or any orcs who really helped shape Srelok into who he has become? The concept of an orc with empathic abilities is quite a unique concept, after all.

I usually let his interactions shape him. I didn’t literally base him off anyone. He's more like my personal idea of the tragic hero. One big influence in regards to shaping him is Rhonya though. I planned on him being her cousin, raised by the same orc. Kind of like a prototype for how Rhon was raised. So he had to at least be similar, but I went for more a haunted concept, what with his emphatic ability too. It also created a very unique set of challenges, like how does the environment affect him. Azeroth is a very battle-scarred world after all, and how does he cope with crowds etc.

Lastly, do you have any tips for any of your fellow (orc) RPers?

The best advice I can think of is to start small. That, and “kill your darlings”. Meaning, if you start your character with a relatively simple concept like a grunt, your growth is much more noticeable. as well as enjoyable. This is where “killing your darlings” comes in too. If you want this ultra-badass super Shadow Hunter Troll for instance, where is your chance for character development? He is already as badass as he's going to get. See the point?

written by Kozgugore

Note: This article was a part of this year's April Fools. Any information that follows should not be taken seriously, as opposed to some poor souls who mistakenly did.
(However, half-nakedness will remain to be encouraged, as per the 2016 orcish fashion trends.)

Slay Your One Hundred!


The Tribe is changing for the better. This day, this year marks a massive change in the way we do things going forwards. Sick of whining little pups that spend their days moaning by the campfire getting drunk? Tired of “stupid dramatic actions” that bring nothing to the Tribe apart from separate us, cause rifts and frankly just give us a bad rep through the Orcish community? Then this; this is news for you!

As of this day, the Tribe no longer is a Tribe; but a grand Gladiator's School! That's right. No more will we wander the world aiding the Horde aimlessly with pointless politics and wimpy whining with blood elves. We are Orcs and we fight!

(On a more serious OOC note; with recent drops in activity we've spent a lot of time deliberating on how to boost numbers once more and inject some fresh ideas. The new rank/notice board system was the first step onto this road here, and will integrate with it perfectly!)

The Gladiator's Way

So you think you can fight, pup? Well get in a ring and prove it. The Chieftain Kozgugore has rediscovered his roots; nay was he a Warsong Orc but in truth a Shattered Hand! As such how can he lead such a pathetic weak Tribe knowing his heritage? The truth is he can't and as such has dissembled the Tribe to turn it into a wandering Gladiatorial haven! No more will we conform to Horde tradition, but instead tour the many arenas in the world in search of glory!

You Lookin' At Me, Kid?

As with every guild change up we have to change a few of our rules. As of this date every male member of the Tribe will need an arena rating of 2k, otherwise you're instantly removed from the guild. You read that right. Argent Dawn has made us soft and weak and the last tournament at the Kosh'harg was nothing short of an absolute shambles. A Troll and an Undead in the final; not a Tribes-orc in sight! Frankly we should kick the lot of you all for ruining our PvP roots but it's instead spurred on the final leg of this idea we've been toiling with the last few weeks now.

We're returning to our PvP roots. A lot of us have lost our way with PvP, as back on Defias Brotherhood we used to be a force to be reckoned with! Argent Dawn will know the fury of the Red Blade Gladiator's going forwards. Remember; 1 week from this day to earn 2k rating or removal from the guild!

Stop Hiding Behind All That Armour, Wimp

If we're going to be Gladiator's we need to arm ourselves in such a manner. From this day forwards only the following armour will be allowed in any form of Roleplay; shoulders, helms, gloves, belts and weapons! If you do not follow these rules then we have no place for you here anymore!

Male Domination

Only men can fight. Women are weak and should know their place. As of this day forwards every female Orc will present themselves to become slaves of the Gladiator's. Willingly or unwillingly. No more will the males conform to “wooing” and “courting” a female. If they want a female they fight another Orc for the right to mate with one; regardless of her own choices! The male dominance shall rise once more!

You all have a choice. Rise higher than you've ever risen before and become a Gladiator. Slay your one hundred and earn your right and respect within this sanctum or leave with your tail between your legs. The choice is yours, pups.

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