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written by Kozgugore
The Path Behind. The Way Ahead.

The past months have proven arduous. The Red Blade tribe have endured heat, drought and death in its pursuit of the powerful long-lost Specter of the Shaman-King, a fabled relic once wielded by an almighty Spiritwalker of the old Clan.

The proud and disciplined pack’s travels have indeed been fraught with peril. They have traversed the treacherous marshes of Dustwallow and navigated the sea-swallowed bluffs of the Thousand Needles. The tribe withstood the oppressive heat of Tanaris and weathered the furious sands of Uldum. It evaded the fierce beasts of the Un’Goro Crater and battled the eldritch horrors of Silithus. And finally, within the ruined walls of Ahn’Qiraj, a combination of cunning subterfuge and tenacious might allowed the tribe to combat innumerable silithid and valiantly secure the Scepter.

But what is strength without honor? The tribe’s efforts in the south-lands were by no means limited to combat. It undertook a series of elemental rites to honor the spirits wronged by the Scepter’s abuse under the sinister Twilight’s Hammer cult. It too aided and fostered relations with the loyal wyverns of Highperch, the brutish Dunemaul ogre-clan and intrepid Tol’vir of Uldum. And throughout their dangerous quest the orcs have grown closer to one another, forging blood-oaths to the tribe and to one another.

The pack is stronger and wiser for its tribulations in the south-lands, yet the way ahead may prove even more strenuous. Much has changed in the tribe’s absence from Central Kalimdor - the bloody war against the Alliance has escalated to a fever pitch. A string of decisive military victories have silenced skeptics of the Warchief’s vicious policies, and now Hellscream has commanded that all must lend their blades in the pursuit of total victory and conquest.

Tension is rife and the climate of the Horde is changing. Rumors circulate of a strange ursine race seen in Orgrimmar. Whispers abound of the Kor’kron targeting vocal critics of the Warchief, removing them from the streets. The young and infirm toil to craft weapons while the blood of orcish warriors stains battlefields the world over. Will the Red Blade tribe be able to weather the coming storm, or will strife and mistrust consume the pack from within?

- Written by Sadok Sharptongue

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