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Nov 29 2012 A New Red Dawn
written by Kozgugore
A New Red Dawn

The world is changing. Within months of Pandaria’s discovery, the full military might of the Horde and Alliance war-machines have borne down on the previously-tranquil land. Spiked iron fortresses and reinforced stone citadels have sprung up about the jungles of Krasarang and plains of Kun-Lai. Lush forests are harvested by orc and human alike, their trees used to feed the fires of industry. Grimy makeshift factories constantly churning out war-machines and weaponry. While some natives hold to their neutrality, many of the races of Pandaria have already been forced to take a side as the war intensifies.

The Horde is changing. Warchief Hellscream continues to rule with an iron fist - the policies and decrees from Grommash Hold may seem ruthless or authoritarian, but all are obliged to obey by the Blood Oath of the Horde. Tensions are rising, and mistrust festers between the races of the Horde. And yet few speak of or even acknowledge them: perhaps in fear of being labeled ‘traitor’; perhaps because inner-conflict will leave the Horde vulnerable against the Alliance. As the bloody, costly war continues with no sign of cessation, will cracks begin to form in the Horde’s iron bulwark?

The tribe is changing. Pressed into service by the Warchief’s Call to Arms, the Red Blade tribe have traveled to the south-lands. Though first waylaid by the capture of Thur’ruk Sharptongue, they now stand upon the precipice of total war, ready to do their duty for all the Horde stands for. Years of training and fighting as a pack will be tested upon these new lands - some will achieve greatness, some will fall to dishonor, and many may not leave Pandaria alive.

The world is changing. The Horde is changing. The tribe is changing. Will the fires of war consume all we hold dear, or is there hope for a new red dawn?

- Written by Sadok Sharptongue

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