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Jan 02 2013 Story Competition
written by Kozgugore
Story Competition


Contest open: Tuesday 1st January until Thursday 31st January;
Grand Prize: 10,000g (runner-up receives 5,000g);
Post entries in the Campfire Forum, marked [Contest] in the title.

"North of the Blade's Edge Mountains. West of the Fields of Farahlon. Treacherous sleet and numbing frost beneath a stirring blood-red sun. Land all but surrendered to the monstrous mountain giants, brutish ogres and fierce worgs of Magoth's pack. Land that no Warlord had claimed - land that no Warlord could claim. This desolate, wild land was set aside for the remnants of mighty Githya's battle-hardened warband - the frozen wasteland would have claimed them all within weeks had they not been made of sterner stuff.

These were simpler times - times when orcs rose from nothing to forge their legacy. Kraag, Son of Githya fought and tamed Magoth, earning the title of Wolfking - the alliance between Redblade and Worg would last generations. Following in the Line of the Wolfking would be honorable heroes such as Gruthgar the Ragged, an orc known for hewing enemies in half with his mighty greataxe; brother-warriors Hukraz and Skagluk the Giantkiller, battling rival Clans and gronn alike; and wise Grugna Longhand, the first Matriarch of the Clan.

Clan Redblade, though always small, gathered a reputation for their honor and ferocity. This reputation remained intact even after the Line of Wolfkings broke - the chaos ended by the Oracles handing the mantle of Chieftain to Mruthgor the Shaman-King, a powerful Spiritwalker bearing a fabled Scepter. Beneath the Greathall that Mruthgor constructed as a monument to his rule, dark rituals brought about the first of the feared Varog'Gor - more beast than orc.

When daemon came to tempt the orcs, Clan Redblade sought to stand alongside the Frostwolf. A traitorous usurer would seal the Clan's demise, however - Akesh the Poisoner murdered Chieftain Grenth Stonebrow and dissolved the Clan into the ever-expanding Horde.

The spirit of the Clan lives on in the Red Blade tribe, but many of the tales of old are still known - in the Annals maintained by the tribal Thur'ruk, and in the tales told around campfires even now. Tales of harsh lands, great orcs, mighty victories, crushing defeats and a small, embattled Clan that survived in defiance of its many enemies. Some of the tales have been lost in time and legend - others are yet to be told.

These are the Tales of Clan Redblade."

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