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Jan 16 2013 Tribe on the Run!
written by Kozgugore
Tribe on the Run!
Imprisonment. Tension. Courage. Treason. Exile. Honor.

Imprisonment. Despised for his principles and maligned for his tribe’s autonomy - Kozgugore Feraleye would soon fall foul of the increasingly-brutal Kor’kron. After refusing an order to raze a neutral pandaren settlement to the ground, the Chieftain of the Red Blade tribe would be jailed beneath Orgrimmar, awaiting execution as an example to all who could not obey Hellscream’s ruthless iron rule.

Tension. Morgeth Feralheart would lead the tribe in his stead, becoming Matriarch of the Red Blades. As the tribe fell increasingly under the influence of the Kor’kron, it would be sent to round up alleged traitors, some likely as guilty of their crimes as the wronged Kozgugore. The Matriarch struggled to hold the pack together, exiling two orcs and losing a third to prison - all the while, she formed and perfected a most dangerous master-plan.

Courage. The hour of reckoning had come, as the splintering tribe united under their Matriarch for a foolhardy endeavor that promised certain death. Using a combination of cunning disguise, misdirection and subtlety, and contacts within the city with grudges against the Kor’kron, the tribe entered Orgrimmar and gained access to the prison-complex beneath the Hall of the Brave without spilling a drop of blood.

Treason. The tribe would split up as it explored the prison depths, incapacitated prison guards and beheld mutilated prisoners and grim rituals of both dark shamanism and fel flame. Those whose loyalties had wavered between tribe and Hellscream now hated the Kor’kron for their corruption, reckless embrace of dark magics and bloodthirsty sadism. As they recovered the Chieftain, they hastily fled the city on wolfback, Kor’kron agents in pursuit of the so-called ‘traitors’ of the Horde.

Exile. Fearing they would all be put to death as an example of thwarted insolence, the tribe sailed at once from Ratchet, aboard the Blackwater Raiders’ voyage to the pirate-favored inlet of Faldir’s Cove. From there, they sought out Hammerfall - isolated and starved of resources and munitions, the former internment camp was buckling under local problems and renewed Alliance aggression. The deal was simple - the tribe would aid the malnourished and embattled grunts with their problems, and they would provide them refuge as long as they were able.

Honor. The Kor’kron brook no opposition, and the tribe will be pursued and hunted as enemies of the Horde. Yet the orcs of the Red Blade do not see themselves as traitors, but as guardians of strength, honor, wisdom and the traditions long ago sacrificed by Hellscream’s Horde upon an altar of total war. The true Horde that the tribe still believe in may now be dead within Orgrimmar, but it lives within the beating-heart of any loyal, honorable Red Blade. The way ahead is full of danger and treachery, but they will not falter.

The Red Blade tribe will live to see a new Horde forged, or it will die for its beliefs - true orcs, to the very last. For the Blood of the Tribe!

- Written by Sadok Sharptongue

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