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written by Kozgugore

Member Spotlight: Kargnar


The last remaining member of our current officer team who still awaiting his very own spotlight is none other than Kargnar Bloodpaw! As one of the oldest of the currently presiding Elders of the tribe, he's sure to have seen his share of adventures and experiences within the guild and its history! Time to see what stories he has to share with us! As a little extra, he also just so happens to be the tribe's number-one Rrosh-tul, so who knows he might even give away a few tips and pieces of advice on how to be moulded into one of the best fighters of the tribe!

So, what can you tell us about your first memories with the tribe?

Oh boy that's quite far back. I think my first memories with the tribe at least when it it comes to RP were back in 2011 when I joined on my shaman Grogok Stormbreaker (who I still have, and he is still a New Blood of the tribe) and I had an interview with Kozgugore. I was entirely new to Defias Brotherhood, with Grogok being my first character on that server. While I was getting that initial spam of join this guild or join that guild, I spotted an orc Death Knight called Groshnakk, and because the guild name she was in sounded rather much like the name of an RP guild, I started asking her questions about the guild and what it was like. After I think ten minutes of me asking billions of questions, she told me about the website, and from there I read everything I had access to as a new user on the forum, made and application and got an interview

That's quite some time ago! Now, five years later, you're still with us, albeit as a different character. Were there any differences that you noticed in the way you RPed in general or with the tribe, playing as a different orc or class?

Both yes and no. There were and still are quite a huge difference between how I RPed back then and how I RP now, most of which stemmed from my young age and lack of experience when it came to RP in general at the time, rather than the choice of orc and class. With Grogok I tried to play an orc who was very much like Thrall: diplomatic, friendly and wise. But my lack of actual knowledge and lack of experience in RP made that very hard for me, which ended up with me generally staying away and in the end making a warrior instead. It took me three attempts for the warrior. The first two ended rather catastrophic, with several OOC and IC clashes with members and officers of the tribe, but as I grew older and more mature, the idea for Kargnar came. And that has so far turned out really well.

That's quite the little detour to where you are now! What was it that encouraged you to keep on coming back, both the guild as well as orc RP in general?

It was actually the community within the guild. It wasn't as much the RP, although that is certainly a part of what I enjoy about the guild, but it were the people. Whenever I took a break, either because the game had nothing to offer besides RP, or because of clashes with people (which in a way sometimes happened both) I started missing the atmosphere that is in our OOC channel and the general friendliness that are between the players, both IC and OOC, after a while. In a way I suppose you can say I have become addicted to the guild and its people. No matter how much I tried in the past, in the end I would always return.

Throughout all of those years, you have made your way up to the top of the rank ladder as a Rrosh-tul of the tribe. Is this something you had always hoped or intended for one of your characters to be? Is there anything you would recommend to others, who might want to play a similarly big role in the tribe themselves one day?

When I first began RPing with the tribe, I actually wanted to become an Elder, To me they were persons worthy of respect, they seemed to me as the actual heart and soul of the tribe. But due to the way I was at the time, that wasnever going to happen and in the end I sort of let go of the idea. So when I made Kargnar, I had no actual ambition OOCly. Sure, ICly Kargnar wanted to prove himself, and practically rushed through the tasks he was given, but there was no actual end goal for him in mind. I was more than happy to just see where it all went. When the officer team asked for people that wanted to join them, it was more of a spur of the moment decision rather than anything I had worked towards, and as such I was actually quite surprised when I found out I had been picked, in part because of how I had been in the past. It was nice to see that the officers were willing to look past that, and look at how I was now. As for what to recommend to others that want to join the officer team someday, I have a few things. First of all, don't rush towards it, but rather enjoy the journey. Plan your own events, be friendly and helpful towards both older and newer members both IC and OOC. That is what we as officers look for when thinking of who would be a good addition to the team. It ain't about how long you have been in the tribe, but more what you do for others in terms of creating RP and contributing to a generally friendly community.

Speaking as one of the more 'veteran' officers who's around right now, are there any specific challenges that you find yourself facing as a guild officer?

Well, an ever present challenge as officers is creating RP, especially in times as now where we are between expansions and having been given such a weak expansion as we did with WoD. Hopefully, however, Legion will help us a lot when it shows up. Another thing that sometimes take some time to deal with, is when or if there are some trouble within the guild, for example two people having an OOC fight. What I like the most myself, is to plan events and see and receive feedback to become better, and generally interacting with the members.

Having said that, are there any events or random kind of RP that you've so far enjoyed the most?

That is a rather hard question, because there are so many memorable events that I over the years have spent time on. Some of the ones I remember most were the RP-PvP events we had on Defias Brotherhood, led by Rargnasha, Gnash or our ever courageous leader Kozgugore. But I also love our Kosh'harg events, even more so now that I know how much work there is put into it to make it succesful. I love all kind of random RP. The very fact that it is random is what makes it so nice, because as an officer now, I almost always have an idea what will happen at events. With random RP though, it can go any of a million ways.

Lastly, any big plans in the pipeline for you or your character? How do you see your future with the guild and WoW in general?

No big plans for either me or my character, no. I prefer more to react to what happens, rather than force something to happen for my char. I am rather fine with where he is a the moment, but who knows what might happen now that we are going to get invaded by the Legion in the biggest attack ever made by them. For my future in the guild, all I can say is that I look forward to it, and that I have some ideas for fun stuff for the guild. That is all still a secret though, so I won't say more than: if and when I am done with the planning, it will be a lot of fun. So look forward to it.

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