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written by Kozgugore
Lowering the curtain: a hiatus

Adventures were had, battles were fought, oaths were sealed and friends were made. It has been an amazing eleven and a half years since Orcs of the Red Blade has come into existence, with people from all around the world joining us in the amazing World of Warcraft. Some of us have made friends for life, some of us have grown up alongside the guild and others simply enjoyed to tag along for the ride, be it for a mere, passing moment or for several months or years. Either way, each and every one of these members have been a part of the story that has been told over these past eleven years, and we would like to thank all of them for having chosen to take a part in it.

The reason I would like to point out this very fact is because, after careful deliberation with the remaining core membership of the guild, the time has finally come to lower the curtain. Over the past year, the guild has seen a steady decline in membership activity due to various contributing factors. This decline has recently come to a point on which it has become clear to us that there is no other way forward save to accept the inevitability of every single guild ever in existence: just like how there is a beginning, there is always the end.

Though this may not be a permanent end just yet, the Orcs of the Red Blade will, as of today, officially go into a hiatus. Perhaps there will be a day that some orcs decide to take up the banner and rally their fellow kin around them once more, but until that time comes, any official Orcs of the Red Blade activities will come to a halt. This means that there will be no more recruiting of new members, no more officially hosted events and no official representatives of the guild around in-game to contact. You may still see some individual members occasionally roaming the world of Azeroth and beyond and the guild as a name tag will not be disbanded, but as an existing entity, the guild will be no more. Meanwhile, our website will continue to be hosted until its next payment is due, which should be some time this upcoming Summer. If any members wish to continue to host the website after that, donation options can easily be made available when that time comes.

And so, we have reached the point where all that remains for me to say, is a very big and hearty 'thank you' to everyone who over the years chose to be a part of this crazy endeavour that has lasted far longer than I could possibly have imagined. It truly is a tale worthy of its own Lok'vadnod. Anyone who feels like brushing up some nostalgia can still visit our Ten Years Strong: Memories topic or can even add to it. Additionally, as a last hurrah for the closing curtain, Sadok has compiled a very suitable movie credits list of all members that have been involved over the past eleven and a half years. Give it a look and see how many old names you can recognize!

Now, for one last time...
For the Blood of the Tribe!

Kozgugore Feraleye
Chieftain of the Red Blade tribe

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