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written by Kozgugore
Last Post Wins (Forum Fatality Edition)

Forum Fatality

As you may already know, Orcs of the Red Blade is currently on an indefinite hiatus. Web hosting, domain registration and other costs associated with the website are difficult to justify in the present climate, and the OotRB website, forum and all associated content will be taken offline when funding runs out in just a few short months.

As a thank you to our most loyal and active forum members, we’ve decided to commemorate this inevitable process in a unique and memorable way. “Last Post Wins” in its many incarnations has been one of the most popular threads on the forum in the past few years, generating thousands of posts’ worth of off-topic banter and fun that has continued even following our hiatus.

As such we are proud to announce Last Post Wins (Forum Fatality Edition), the final incarnation of the series! If someone is the last poster for a period of 24 hours or more, Kozgugore will take the Orcs of the Red Blade website offline early, permanently and irretrievably deleting all stories, artwork and other content created by members spanning years.

If you win, you will be personally responsible for destroying the treasured memories of members both old and new. You’ll also get a special graphic and title (Champion At Life… For Life!) under your username, but this will have limited effect as the forum will no longer exist.

(Credits for this diabolical plan go to Sadok)

About the author

Kozgugore registered at Orcs of the Red Blade on December 07, 2007, 10:48:24 PM and has posted 3927 posts in the boards since then. Last visit was July 20, 2017, 02:15:32 PM.

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