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Author Topic: In the head of Goru, daughter of Mozrogg  (Read 1014 times)
Red Blade
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« on: February 11, 2013, 01:15:57 PM »

Goru woke up and quickly drew her dagger, something must have waken her up. It took a few moment for her to make the world around her real, make her brain work. The sun hurt her eyes and she blinked a couple of times and shielded them with her free hand. Her back was a bit sore and stiff after sleeping on uneven stone and she grunted as she stretched it out a bit. She noticed the cloak that had been wrapped around her and felt the smell of it in her nose still. The memories came back and she slowly put down the dagger, she had finally found him, her father.
It hadn't been the best start of a relationship, but he had asked her to stay, several times actually. Still she had a big lump of discomfort in her chest that she wasn't wanted here. She absently moved her hand up to her aching left shoulder and groaned slightly as she looked down on it. It was swollen and it made the arm a bit stiff and a big, dark blue bruise had formed. She frowned in disappointment, "damn brute", her voice pressed out between her lips and she frowned again. Just a couple of hours and her father had already gave her a mark. Maybe it was his way, hit the ones he couldn't control as he wished. Mozrogg, Doomhowl they called him, a big orc with a big ego and a list of rules already building up on how a daughter should be acting. She frowned at the thought of him, at least she knew now where she got her temper from... and in all fairness, her stubbornness.
She thought back on the night before and for the first time in a very long time she felt strange, like some kind of guilt was sucking at her lifeforce. She hit her chest hard, trying to make the feeling go away but it only grew tighter in there and she could feel some kind of heat on her cheeks so she looked up in the sky and frowned at the sun.
She hated the sun, too bright, too hot, too damn annoying. Light and heat and telling too many damn stories. She blinked her eyes to get the white dots away from her eyesight and looked around her as she picked up the cloak from the cold stone. She was sure no one was looking her way and she pulled it up against her chest and her face and burrowed her nose in it, breathing in deeply. The smell of her father. She took another deep breath and couldn't help but smiling slightly then folded the cloak carefully and put it down on the ground, close to the cave wall.
She had work to do, she had to try and find some fur or leather, she wasn't really sure what, but that she-orced wanted something to be able to make some new clothes for Goru. She looked down at her old rags and felt another strange feeling build up, shame. The heat came back to her cheeks as she realized just in what shape they where. Hardly hanging together, dirty and stale... For the first time in a very long time she tried to look upon herself objectively and she closed her eyes at the sight. No wonder they called her a fecking whore, she looked like one, that's for sure. She shake her head and gathered her thoughts, two quests for today then... Finding materials for new clothes or some new already done clothes and of course... Most importantly, she needed to refill her satchel with alcohol. Just the thought of it made her feel a slight shiver working it's way through her body and she licked her lips nervously. Yes, most importantly I need to find alcohol...
Path of Strength
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« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 03:53:48 PM »

Moz didn't beat her honest! It was a friendly shoulder punch Sad

Red Blade
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« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2013, 02:15:31 AM »

She sat on the hill, looking out over the ocean, all alone. The only time she could really think was when being alone, maybe she had been alone, tending only her own needs for far too long to be able to think properly around others. They called themselves a family, big damn family, that's for sure. Too many people having an opinion of how she should act, what she could and could not say, what she could do. She closed her eyes quickly as she felt her eyes tearing up, she blinked a couple of times and slapped herself on the cheek. She couldn't cry, he had told her that she couldn't, not very orcish apparently.

Her father, who was he really? She thought about it and realized that they hadn't spoken much and the talks they had had mostly been them butting their heads in throwing insults and other shit to one another. Maybe Rosh'kar was right in her advice to go ask him to teach her of their ways, but only time could tell. She had asked him, had been very polite, even said please. She almost gagged at the word please spoken to that orc, thickheaded stubborn insulting cunt, that's what he is. But he had said yes, maybe he actually did want to teach her their ways, and to fight. But so far he hadn't sat down with her to do it, to be fair she hadn't even seen him around. She had thought about seeking him out but decided that it was better to let him be the one to take the next step. She had taken the first one, it was his turn now. She nodded to herself and smirked, most probably the old man will find someone else to do what she asked of him. He clearly couldn't stand her so why ever would he spend too much time with her, it's not gonna happen. She sighed again and took a deep breath, I just have to wait and see, I can't only fixate on the negative things of life... I have to give the man a chance to prove her wrong in her thoughts about him.

She grabbed the heavy satchel by her side and grunted by the wait as she picked it up and put it in her lap. She smiled faintly as she heard the clinking sound of the gold inside it. She hugged it and giggled to herself. At least some things turned to the better for her. She was rich now, she could buy what ever she needed. So far that meant a pair of leather trousers and some leather armor, not very good shit, but good enough at least. Seemed like it was approved by her father. And to be fair, it felt very good not to walk around in those old rags she had on when finding them. She was clean, she started to get some meat on her bones and she felt stronger then she had felt in years. But the sleeping problems was the same... hard to sleep during the days due to the damned sun, hard to sleep during the nights cause she felt she might miss out on something. She looked up at the moon and sighed, she loved the night, it was her time, but not tonight... tonight she would sleep. Slowly she stood up and went back to the spot she had claimed. The tribe might wanna sleep in the goblin settlement, but not me... I'm just fine out here. She smiled happily as she walked and as closer she got to the spot the warmer she felt inside.
Red Blade
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« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2013, 11:05:13 AM »

She had never been to Nagrand, never seen Draenor, only heard the stories from her mother. It was just as beautiful as she always described it if not more. It was hard to describe this kind of beauty, it wasn't only the land itself, the visual beauty. There where something here that just shone from within, a presence maybe. She couldn't put her finger on what it was about this place, but she had never felt as much at home anywhere ever before. It was like her ancestors where here, not only like in the shamans talk about spirits, she could really see them, or sense them should maybe be a better word for it.
It scared her somewhat, especially when she thought she saw them, here in Garadar, walking around just as if they where alive. It was mind numbing to know they where all around her, that they watched everything she did... Judging her.
Gosh'kar had helped her getting in contact with her mother and the thought of what happened made her shiver and she felt her cheeks getting warm. At first Goru never thought it was possible to get in touch with her mother, she had accepted that she was gone forever. But then she wished she had never asked for it. The shame filled her chest as she remembered the painful meeting. Her own mother had called her so many things, yelled at her. She had been so angry and the worst part, she called her a disgrace for her bloodline. Goru had always had her mothers support, her soothing words always assuring she was proud of her no matter what... But now she understood that her not even her mother liked her, she was ashamed of her.
Goru covered her face in her palms and took a shivering breath then rubbed her temples as the headache set in. Her father couldn't stand her and her mother said she was a failer. She sighed and looked out over the green planes of Nagrand and leaned back on the tree. Both her parents where ashamed that she was of their blood, both her parents hated her... And so did the tribe, her new -family-.
Maybe it was time to leave? No one here felt she had anything to bring to the tribe. No one had anything good to say about her, they where only competing about who could insult her the most. She felt tired, so tired, of defending herself and to feel her walls go up. Those damn walls that made her act like an disrespectful little cunt. But she would never let anyone insult her or her family without biting back. It wasn't in her nature to just sit back and take shit. But it was tiring to never have even one day of peace and calm. So yes, maybe it was time to leave, to find a place where she really belonged. She had sought these people out for one reason and she hadn't seen him in weeks, not since he put Karak in his place.
Of course there was Gosh'kar and the old drunk and Troxigar. But mostly there where only Troxigar, the one who actually liked talking to her. With Gosh'kar it was on a day to day basis. Goru smirked and her hand moved up to the handshaped burn mark on her throat, it was healing but it was still sore. That orc had some real fire inside of her and it was wonderful to see it, to see her strength, her fierce nature, but damn did it hurt. Goru couldn't help but grinning a bit, Gosh'kar was someone she could maybe get along with very well in the future. There was no middlepath there, either they would get really close or they would become the worst enemies. At the moment it was going in the direction of the first, but one could never know, Gosh'kar was very unpredictable... So was Goru herself and she knew it.
She stood up and took her satchel and hung it up over her shoulder, letting it rest on her back and she took one last look at the planes then started walking back to the inn. Maybe give it one more week? The decision to leave shouldn't be taken lightly. Maybe there where still a chance to get to know her father and finally get that feeling of belonging she was dreaming about. Maybe she could still find a way to impress, show these orcs that she was someone to count on.
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« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2013, 01:01:32 PM »

((Poor Goru! But she's forgetting all about dear Rhonya who does like her and helps her as well! Tongue *Shakes fist*))

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
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