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Author Topic: aplication xilong-grosh  (Read 571 times)
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« on: February 14, 2013, 12:41:11 AM »

Details of your Orc character:
Name:Xilong  -original name grosh dragonkiller
Class: monk -previously warrior
Level: 36

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:
im new to rp,

And finally, please write a short story and/or IC introduction about your character

xilong is my name but not always was,
this name was given to me as my third name from my master and means dragon eye  (xi=eye long=dragon)
but lets  start by the beginning,

Im 46 years old born in draenor by urgra and zergok
at since very eraly age i undergo my father's harsh warrior training so i will be ready to be usefull to my clan, warsong clan,
for my mature challenge my father suggested to grom hellscream to bring a dragon's head. grom smiled and agreed,
this was indeed a very difficuld hunt , and idint know if will be alive after it, but i have no other way and  wanted to honor my
family anbd my clan and prove my value as  warrior   .

The figth proven more difficuld than had acticipated   the dragon was attacked me  from distance and my range attacks as not effective  ,i taunted the dragon and   lead him in to a cave   , and he landed,..i manage to kill him but i was barely alive..

some hunters from my cln found me and took me back my clan accepted my kill and we celebrated after my wounds  was healed
they gave me my second name dragonkller, after that i followed my clan chief grom , it was a mistake to trust ner Ner zhul
with his power controled us and makes in to more mindless and bloodtrirsty then we already are, that happened  5 after after i became mature

but we manage to escape trough dark portal with grom hellscream leading us  .

i was also fough against the nigth elves in ashenvale when we are controled by monoroth and he gaves us and unbearble bloodlust
and hatred for night elves , even cenarius came to stop us but he failed,

i lived the rest of my life honorably and  in the way of the warrior until before some months i met some pandaren monks

, among them was master  cho, a  Old male pandaren monk, and was curius of who is he and what  he power yields , so i requested a duel   he honorably accepted , and for the first time i saw someone to use such power while calm and such defence with no weapons or shields  and  use of feet and hands instead

, i was in a awe so i tried to learn more i asked  him  about their tradition,about him and about the way of the monk

he . explained that monks use the force of chi, chi is the energy exist in all living things  and can be tranformed by a  someone trained to the way of the monk  in many difrent ways as for phisical power . healing power or even elementar power

,i asked him its possible for me to do that, and he awnsered ofcource it is, you are a Warrior , you can convert your rage  in to chi

with the proper  training and you will be truly powerfull when you fully mastered the way of the monk ,

so i asked him again can you teach me? if you want i will  he awnsered

but you dotn know anything about me i told him

and he awnsered i learned a lot for you when i fought you in our duel that is enough for me.

So  he trained me for 9 months and in the end he gave me the name xilong  as all master do to pupils after thier training is over

, he also told me i teached you all that i know but the training truly never ends always always train your spirit and body to the way of the monk, and always share your knowlege with others when their heart is honest
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« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2013, 11:54:51 AM »

Hello there! Nice to have another monk give us a try, and welcome to RP at that! Though your story could use some punctuation, it's actually a fair enough introduction to your orc, so well done there! There's a small detail that you may want to review however. It was only after the Dark Portal opened that dragons went through it from Azeroth's side and were eventually found in Draenor. So, either your orc will need to have done his hunt after the portal opened (though he probably would have been a bit older by then), or you may need to think of a slightly different prey he hunted in his youth.

It's just a small matter however, so I'm not going to decline the application just for that. So having said that, feel free to poke any of us Red Blades in-game that are above New Blood and are able to spare some time for an IC interview! Once this member is willing to vouch for you with an officer, you'll be accepted and invited to the merry band. Good luck!

Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade
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I doubt it will bomb. As a general movie, I expect it to be a total CGI-Fest that anyone that has interest in fantasy films will enjoy. As a lore-buff however, the novel helped me focus on the re-look at the story. It's not however, by any means, required reading.
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Well, the mainstream enjoy stupid movies. Just look at how well the Transformer movies do.

So I'm not surprised, just fairly sure it's not for me. =D
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It will not bomb. Our local cinema has 12 screens showing tonight and are all fully booked times that by the amount of cinemas showing it on pre-realise they onto winner.
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I'm pretty sure you'd still be perfectly capable to follow what's happening if you'd watch the movie only.
May 29, 2016, 01:50:08 PM
Haven't seen the film yet but early reviews indicate the plot is simultaneously empty and impenetrable.

If you have to be a fan or read a novel to understand what's happening, this film is destined to bomb with the mainstream audience.
May 29, 2016, 01:38:12 PM
... seriously, I can only call bullshit on that.
Same as I do for the expansion novels.
Tell the story in the fucking game. Have the movie able to stand alone.

Get competent blizzard.
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