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At the gates of Uldum

Posted by Grogona

The tribe arrives at the huge stone walls, that is the gate of Uldum.
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Author Topic: Nightmares, ale and demons  (Read 414 times)
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« on: February 25, 2013, 04:38:28 PM »

They raced down the green facade in great haste, as if being hunted by something fel and they quickly, without pause closed in on the vast, stripy gray forest. Suddenly, their journey was cut short as they were all crushed beneath Revax' bulky, jade fingers, as he wiped the drops of ale from his face.

A wide and devious grin spread across his face has he felt the alcohol take its effect, his body started to loosen up and he felt the battlelust fill his mind.

Revax' spat on the ground and cracked his knuckles and gave the demon but a second to react to his flying kick aimed at the groin; the force of the impact sent the demon flying down the slope.

Another wrathguard would leap forward from a flanking position to try and cleave Revax from top to bottom with a giant axe but Revax managed to drop to side and the axe would miss just short of an inch.
Revax took the opportunity given by the flinching wrathguard to leap up and grab its head, shoving one of his bottles down its throat and laughing wildly as he watched its eyes roll slowly into their sockets.

A large terrorfiend approach, its bellyface gaping as it spewed forth fel-fire in a large cone in front of it. Revax let go of the drunken wrathguard and dropped to the ground in a sexy pose. As the terrorfiend approach and tried to grapple him, Revax sprung up like a spring, fist clenched and twirling up and hitting the terrorfiend with a jaw-shattering uppercut which sent it toppling backwards and cut down by other orcs.

Revax looked around at the battlefield, and grinned deviously. The legion was running out of demons, as the orcs fought down the remaining demon spawn. He turned his head towards the top of the hill, a giant skull of a pit lord crowning the top. Revax slowly walked up the hill, drinking from one of his ales, and climbed the skull to peer down the other side of the hill.

He could feel adrenaline building up in his whole body, and coupled with the alcohol, the feeling was insanely euphoric. His pupils grew large. Before him he saw a vast desert field, covered in legion upon legion of demons of all kinds, their fel eyes staring right back at him.

He paused for a moment, a wide and devious grin formed on his face, and he yelled out:

"...You call that a Horde?!"

A thousand orcs appeared and lined up over the hilltop around Revax, letting their fear and anger out in a massive roar, as they charged down into the vast armies of the Burning Legion without a second thought. Even the demons felt an inch of fear before they met the charge.

Revax had but one last thought, his grin disappearing from his face before he finished his ale, wiped his chin and flew into the fray down below:

"Fuck you."

Then he woke up from his meditation.

((To be continued))

Roki Strifeson - Prankster, stabber, talker.
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