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Author Topic: Troxigar and Goru hunts down breakfast  (Read 528 times)
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« on: February 26, 2013, 06:51:01 AM »

((When you all wake up this morning you will wake up to the smell of grilled meat and everyone will be offered to have some for breakfast))

Goru took her time and crawled close to the ground towards the big birds, she knew Troxigar was not far away, ready to do his part. The birds seemed a bit nervous and she stopped instantly, just watching them without moving a muscle. The night was almost over and the sun was soon coming up. She was soaked in sweat and her clothes and skin where covered in dust. It was starting to get itchy but both she and Troxigar knew they had to get a couple more before going back to the Mag'har post. Both their wolves had a large amount of birds tied up on their back and she felt bad when seeing her old, gentle mount hang his head, he looked so tired the poor thing. He had been with her for a long time, but this hunt had made her understand that it might be time to set him free and find another.
She focused on the birds again as they settled and started crawling again and winced as another stone dug into her knee but she kept totally quiet. When she got close enough she took a deep breath and readied herself. She heard her heart beat and felt the wind on her face and for a moment everything around her slowed down before her and she knew exactly wich bird to go for first and what would be her next pray. She flew up from the ground and before the birds even realized what was happening the first bird fell to the ground with one of her knives in the head. Right after another bird crashed down on the ground with one of Troxigars arrows pointing out of the body. Her next knife flew through the air and the second target got hit, but it was a bad throw and it only opened a gash on the side. She snarled angrily and drew her daggers as the furious bird came at her. She heard Troxigar shouting something but she ignored it, she had to focus. She felt her heart beating fast as the bird came closer. She dodged the vicious claws but the long night had taken it's toll and she felt the beak rip through her leather armor on her left arm at the same time as she buried her dagger in the side of the bird. It fell dead down just as another arrow flew past her just an inch from her head and she instinctively threw herself backwards.
She took a moment to catch her breath then flew up again and looked around her in the hope of finding yet another pray and she saw one... a really big one flew straight towards her, an arrow that's stuck in the wing made it a bit difficult for it to move gracefully. She hissed at it then a grin spread on her face and she ran towards it. She moved as quickly as she could and jumped from side to side to confuse the creature and it wasn't a very hard kill.
She looked down on the ground around her on the dead birds and then up in the air and growled as the rest flew away, far out of her reach. She would have wanted to get at least two more but it had been hard hunting with Trox. She had to rethink everything she did, half the time he had taken the pray she had fixed her eyes on and it wasn't very unusual that he missed his target but this had to take the price. They where tired and should have gone back to the mag'har post at least two hours ago, but she really wanted to make sure everyone would get some fresh meat for breakfast. She pulled out her knife from the first one she hit and wiped it off carelessly in the dirty pants then went to look for the other that had missed. She frowned as she peered around the ground to find it, she almost never missed her target so completely, it was embarrassing really. She suddenly noticed that the sun had come up and she heard Troxigar coming towards her with the wolfs. He was panting as if he had been running half the way and she turned around and raised her eyebrows at him, ”You alright Goru?”, he looked concerned and she nodded. ”I thought I hit you there for a moment, I was aiming at the bird but then you moved, I'm really sorry”. She looked at him a while then chuckled, ”You aint no master marksman, that's for sure Trox, and I'm alright and we got some more birds so stop worrying”, She gave him a bright smile and he smiled back at her. She watched him as he started picking up the heavy birds one by one and throw them over the back of his wolf, then went back to trying to find that damn knife.

Goru wiped the sweat from her forehead stretched her neck. They had worked like slaves for what seemed to be an eternity, but of course it wasn't, she was just so very tired. The Mag'har chef was helping out and so did some others as well. She could have cried when they offered their help. She never knew how much work it would be to fix fresh meat for breakfast for the whole tribe. She had regretted her decision many times during the night but the hard work also made her more focused, she would fix this even if she feinted of exhaustion. Troxigar was tired as well, but he worked quietly, doing his part and more. He was probably tired of her bitching at him for being lazy.
Her thoughts where interrupted as the chef came up to her and he grunted to get her attention, ”The fires are ready and I'll start cooking now. It's all prepped, I can do the rest. I make sure your tribe gets their breakfast when they wake up. The two of you should go to bed though, get some sleep.”, She just gave him a tired nod and mumbled a thank you then she forced her feet to get her to move forward. In the corner of her eye she saw Troxigar do the same and she turned to him and just patted him on the shoulder, ”I'm glad you came with me Trox, couldn't have done it without you”. He gave her a weak smile and then they dragged themselves to bed.
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« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2013, 04:34:28 PM »

I ate it all and before the others woke up.

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Ed and me going tomorrow evening.
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Apart from a few cheesy lines of dialogue I really, really enjoyed the movie CGI is awesome and beautiful in places, haven't seen cgi express emotion like it before. Gonna plan togo see it again.
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The world needs an Arthas on the big screen.
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Verdict 8 out of 10
Liked the film CGI ropey in places but on the whole good
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Saw it. Solid 7/10. Definitely moments of face-palming mixed with moments of epic awe.
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Been trying to convince my friends to book tickets but they're like "nahh, will be fine, we'll stroll up sure at half 8" There's only one showing at 9 o clock per day for some weird reason. Usually for a big movie there's lots of showings. Anyway I've been checking the site all the past two d
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My local cinema is also sold out, its only a small town with one cinema, theres 3 screenings of it a day theyre all booked up opening day & only a morning screening available the next day.
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I doubt it will bomb. As a general movie, I expect it to be a total CGI-Fest that anyone that has interest in fantasy films will enjoy. As a lore-buff however, the novel helped me focus on the re-look at the story. It's not however, by any means, required reading.
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