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Author Topic: New application, Draeoric Stonefist  (Read 1040 times)
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« on: February 27, 2013, 04:50:18 PM »

Details of your Orc character:

Name: Draeoric Stonefist

Class: Warrior
Level: 60

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:

Well, I have always had an obsession with fantasy universes since i can remember really! ive played world of warcraft for a few years now maybe? since was about 15 anyways,  I have enjoyed a lot of roleplay in a cult type guild and on my own in Sillymoon! (gets awfully boring awfully fast, Blood elves just want to talk about themselfs) I am in love with the Orc way of life! and i really hope i can participate in some awesome Orc roleplay ive tried my best to make the lore fit and would be pleased with any feedback! so anyways enough of that here is Drae (hope you like it!)

Draeoric was born into the Frostwolf Clan shortly after the defeats by the humans in the second war. Named by the lands in which he was conceived, his mother was slain in the fighting and his father took him into hiding with the rest of the Frostwolves. The other Orcs told stories of his mothers ferociousness in battle and he wondered if her spirit was watching him like the Elders told. His father, Garrik tried his best to nurture the child with the affection of a mother but alas this was not his nature, for his father was a great warrior and a feared enemy to any who may oppose the clan. Although in his heart his young meant all to him, the death of his mate and the situation the Frostwolves found themselves in meant that Garrik was not best father he could have been. Draeoric’s father would never meet the future Warcheif and saviour of the horde, two years before the newly free young Orc searching for his legacy stumbled across the Frostwolves, Garrik  died of an infection to his leg that he sustained hunting, the Shaman did all he could to heal the wounds but the connection to nature was not strong enough then to save the proud Orc.

The Founding of Go’el brought hope to the clan and inspiration and a fire never felt before in Drae’s heart, despite never conversing properly with the soon to be hero of the horde and barely seeing him in full battle, Drae felt a kinship and a sort of idolization towards the un-trusted outsider.  As Drae became more adept in the way of battle so did his mind sharpen and his ears open to the teachings of Thrall, Drae would later develop an un-flinching loyalty to his Warcheif and his Horde as a whole.

In the early years of his second decade, now a capable warrior by any standards Drae joined the war efforts in the freeing of their people and the eventual Exodus into Kalimdor and helped in the establishment of Durotar. and due to his recognised calm temperament Drae was enlisted in helping with peace negotiations between some of the less willing to change Darkspear (the ones that refused to renounce cannibalism straight away) as not to give the Darkspear a bad image to the rest of the horde.

As soon as Draeoric now a Sargent in the hordes forces, heard news of the attacks on Orgrimmar he requested to leave his post in Thrallmar and join the Warsong Offensive, he was surprised and pleased to be recruited to the Kor’kron Guard and on occasion even guarded the ‘false’ Warcheif Garrosh Hellscream.

For four years Draeoric stayed his post in Northrend… but something was changing. Drae had always been loyal to the horde, Thrall’s horde, but the things he saw under Garrosh’s rule were not in the best intentions for either the horde or the rest of Azeroth. Neutral and non war-loving people slaughtered as a means for resources, all under the nose of any who may oppose the brutality.

As Drae looks toward his old friend, he felt neither the hunger nor the passion he once had for his brother in arms. So many lives they had taken rightfully for the horde, So many of their people saved for the honour of their ancestors, but this is neither brother!. ‘Im not returning Riaac, after our leave I will return home, to Orgrimmar, I would rather be a Grunt! NO A PEON! Before I continue in this un-rightful bloodshed. The Horde is no more.   
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« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2013, 03:51:02 PM »

Looks like you have your character all set out! Your story has quite a bit of background and a decent foundation for a character concept who seems able enough to fit right in with the tribe, too. Little more remains for me to say but to say you're free to go ahead and poke any willing and able Red Blade in-game for your IC interview! Good luck!

Kozgugore Feraleye - Chieftain of the Red Blade
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