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Author Topic: Application: Uel  (Read 371 times)
Red Blade
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« on: March 02, 2013, 05:10:42 PM »

Details of your Orc character:
Name: Uel
Class: Rogue
Level: 20

Tell us something about your (role)playing experience:

I'm pretty new to RP but the little I've seen has made me want more.  I've had a character in the Dwarven RP guild 'The Three Hammers' for a while now but I've always wanted to play an Orc.

And finally, please write a short story and/or IC introduction about your character:

Life is a great river, flowing down the mountains of time to the endless sea of eternity. We start off a sweet bubbling spring flowing across the rapids of childhood and adolescence until we slow and deepen into the steady waters of maturity. But like all rivers there are unseen presences and forces hidden in the depths, always ready to make their presence known. Here an irresistible current, there a vicious snapping eel wreaking death and destruction in it’s path.

I swam into such a current and was swept away helpless til I became a vicious creature from the depths. Death followed my path and the shadows gathered around my soul. Now my river flows through a gloomy and desolate land. Yet not all is lost as the light still shines above the clouds always seeking to bring new life and hope to the landscape of my soul. I hope that one day it shall succeed.

I was born into darkness, the darkness of crime and dishonor.  My father was a thief and a murderer and I was brought up in the same stream. But I did not enjoy such a life and dreamt of escape.  Then when I was a young orc of 18 I met a woman, the currents drew us together and we fled from my father and his gang to Orgrimmar.  It was an exciting time for me, I was living away from home for the first time amongst different Orcs and people of other races, some of whom I’d never seen before. The only problem was that my father would be searching for me and I knew his rage would know no bounds. This was not a problem for me, I lived for the day and never gave it a thought, perhaps I should and much tragedy would have been avoided. But the current swept me on and my doom flowed closer.

One morning something awoke me and I sat up in bed, Sebele beside me.  It was my father his face dark with rage, pandemonium broke out, we were shouting, fists were clenched, fingers pointed like thrusting daggers then Sebele broke down crying and after getting dressed left in tears. My father too left slamming the door behind him. I thought he’d returned to whatever dark ally he came from but as I found out later he’d pursued Sebele and confronted her. I don’t know what he said but I never saw my beloved alive again. Her body was found dead in one of Orgrimmars dark ally’s.

My rage was infinite...I pursued my father and caught up with him in Durotar. I accused him of murdering Sebele. He denied it but I didn’t listen and for the first time ever I struck him in the face. My father experienced as he was took the blow easily and knocked me to my knees. He opened his mouth to say something and I then sealed my own doom.  Calling on the power of my blood I took my dagger and thrust it upwards into his chest. Surprise crossed his face and then he died. The rage left me as suddenly as it’d come and I started to weep.

The shadows took me, howling in terrible emptiness they burst through my mind and I was left gasping in terror. But the power there was mine and it was too much to be denied, to my shame I relished it like my ancestors of old. I looked around and saw that there were no witnesses to my crime and I left for Orgrimmar.

For a long time I did not live, I existed in the dark stagnant waters of the river.  I did not eat, nor sleep just sat in my empty room missing Sebele’s laugher and gentle touch.  But then after some time my beloved’s father took pity on me and helped me through those worst of days.  I took a job as a guard on a caravan heading to Thunder bluff and began to use the things I'd learn't in my life of crime in a more positive way, the current swept me on and I began to live again. Time passed and I’d flowed far downstream and as the pain over Sebele’s death faded, guilt and remorse over my fathers murder deepened and my soul darkened. Maybe someday the light will shine again on the dark waters of the river, maybe someday I can make up for the terrible crime that I committed. For now I can only hope and pray.
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« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2013, 11:29:21 AM »

While the story is amazing, really nice touch with making a river tell the story reallly, -really- liked it! However there isn't really any lead to us, if you could add something about seeking out the blades that'd be grant. Either way, extra or not you've got my thumps up, thats for sure. Though we need an officers opionion.

Nothing comes easy, and besides nothing easy is worth having.
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« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2013, 03:28:05 PM »

Quite an abstract yet intriguing story indeed. As Grogona mentioned, a motivation of some sort to eventually seek us out could help you on your way (especially since we're ICly exiled from the Horde right now), but aside from that, feel quite free to contact any Red Blade in-game who may be willing and able to give you an IC interview!

Grumpy Chieftain
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« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2013, 08:42:29 PM »

Interviewed and accepted by Mozrogg. Welcome to the tribe!

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